Jesuit Priest Gets Slammed On Twitter After Endorsing LGBT Lifestyle

“Perhaps the best thing now is that you should stand down/resign from the priesthood, since in advocating this you show utter contempt for it, for holiness and the supernatural origins of the order of marriage, whilst parading sin as a good.”

(Frank Camp – Daily Wire)  On Thursday, Jesuit priest and editor at large of America Magazine James Martin sent out a tweet about homosexuals not feeling welcome in the Catholic church:

Many Catholics still feel unwelcome in their own church. But good news: More parishes are now trying to make LGBT Catholics feel at home. Here, one parishioner talks about the welcome that he, his husband, and their son found at Holy Trinity in DC.

In a video [watch it here] attached to the tweet, a man named Joe speaks about his experience at Holy Trinity in Washington D.C., and how he struggled with the church as society moved one way, and the church did not.

Joe spoke with Judith Brusseau, head of faith formation & religious education at Holy Trinity, and she said:

In some respects, we’re a last-resort Church before people really throw in the towel and say, “I’m not gonna have anything to do with this.” So, when someone comes and says, you know, “I want to be here,” as someone who works in the field for Christ, you have to say, “You’re welcome. You belong here,” and I really feel that. View article → 


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