A Response to ‘From Celibate Gay Poster Child to Future Gay Husband’

The title of his article, “From Celibate Gay Poster Child to Future Gay Husband,” affords a key and primary clue as to why this happened.  It happened because he never renounced identifying himself with a sinful propensity or proclivity.  He failed to see his sinful bent was condemned by God, the Father; atoned for by God, the Son; and he was washed and sanctified by God, the Holy Spirit.

(Helen Louise Herndon – The Aquila Report)  The above titled article appeared in The Aquila Report and originated on the author’s blog entitled, “Queer Liturgy.” As a gay man, he claims he always upheld the traditional view of marriage and sexuality….

He relates that he and another man fell in love but their consciences did not allow them to pursue a sexual relationship but decided to begin a celibate partnership. He wrote many blog posts on what living in a celibate partnership was like.  He calls a turning point for him began in March of this year when he wrote a response to Sam Allberry defending non-sexual same-sex relationships (https://liturgicalqueer.com/2019/06/25/from-celibate-gay-poster-child-to-future-husband/).

He elaborates on his relationship to his partner, Kyle, saying they wrestled robustly with theological concepts and ethics. He writes what Kyle said to him one evening tightly wrapping his arms around him: “I am not with you because of your theology.  I am not with you because I expect us to be married or have sex in the future.  I am with you because I love you.  None of that changes. . . After several months of intense discernment, both of us arrived at an affirming position. We no longer believe that sex between two people of the same sex is always sin.  We believe God established the sacrament of marriage for the salvation of both same-sex and opposite-sex couples.  Both are in need of grace for their theosis.” View article →



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