Climate Strike Kids Would All Fail This Elementary, Global Warming Test…

I believe that all children should be free to bunk off school to attend today’s Climate Strike. But only if they can get at least 80 percent of the answers right on this climate quiz prepared by the Global Warming Policy Foundation. Here is a taster…

(John Delingpole – Breitbart)  Across the Western world tens of thousands of brainwashed kids are bunking off school in what has misleadingly been described as a ‘Climate Strike.’

No. A strike involves the withholding of productive labour. These kids are simply playing truant using the best ‘dog ate my homework’ excuse evah: ‘If I don’t do this, the planet will die!!’

To give us an idea of just how ignorant these kids are on the so-called ‘climate emergency’, Guardian Australia has helpfully released a video.

Must watch propaganda video on the site

Daisy, 9, thinks:

“It is making fires in the Arctic where there is supposed to be no fires at all, only snow.”

James, 10, explains:

“Carbon goes into the world’s atmosphere making the world get hotter.”

Hannah, 10, says:

“Some cows are farting and that’s putting carbon into the atmosphere and that’s bad because the sunlight goes out and can never come back.”    View article →