He’s Just Blind

“Perhaps there’s someone in your life you’ve shared the Gospel with time and time again. You’ve explained the Gospel so clearly. You have poured yourself out to them,  you’ve listened to them, and have answered their questions as best you can,  and yet they simply will not believe. You need to be reminded of the blindness of man.”

(Jordan Standridge – The Cripplegate)  It doesn’t matter how many times you share the Gospel, you still need encouragement from time to time.

After over an hour-long conversation with a young Roman Catholic named Jimmy, we ended the conversation with a hug. It was obvious, though, as he walked away that spiritually we were speaking different languages.

We talked about whether Jesus was the only way. He said yes, but kept saying that Jesus’ death made it possible for people who might never even hear about Him to be saved. In other words, that if they lived good lives and followed their conscience that Christ could save them.

He kept saying that it is only by the grace of Christ that he will be able to not die shortly after committing a mortal sin, but then, when asked why Jesus didn’t help those who have died while committing a mortal sin, he said that it was probably their parents’ fault for teaching them poorly and, therefore, God would show them leniency. View article →


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