‘What Is A Girl Worth?’ A Particularly Helpful Book

“[T]he book explains that sexual predators deliberately work their way into communities in which their position will give them access to potential victims. They look for communities in which they will be given positions of trust and access to vulnerable people. If this is true of the world of gymnastics, it is equally true of the church.” 

(Tim Challies)  Rachael Denhollander’s What Is a Girl Worth? is a hard book to read. But it’s also an important book to read. While it tells of the horrendous crimes perpetrated by just one man, it warns that many similar crimes have been and are being perpetrated by a great many other predators….

While it focuses largely on one woman’s suffering, it reveals how so many other victims have suffered as a consequence of crimes committed against them. And while it tells of how one evil individual received justice, it offers conviction and hope that many others can as well. (Denhollander was the first woman to bring public accusations against former USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar, who was subsequently found to have sexually abused hundreds of young girls.)

In place of a full review, I would like to offer a number of ways in which I consider What Is a Girl Worth? a particularly helpful book. View article →