Southern Baptist and Evangelical Leaders Have Launched Concerted Attack on Conservatives

“Three of the latest examples of this are recent attacks on conservative resurgence leader, Paige Patterson, Reformed apologist James White, and the highly regarded pastor, author, and theologian, John MacArthur.”

(Jeff Maples – Reformation Charlotte)  Those who tend to lack the sophistication of intellectual discourse tend to be well-versed in personal attacks and insults. This truth is couldn’t be made more clear than in today’s Evangelical environment. The leftward leadership of the Evangelical Church, particularly the Southern Baptist Convention, have abandoned all logic and reason and launched an outright tirade against conservatism.

The primary weapons of this attack are the denunciation of conservatives with false allegations of such slurs as “misogynist” or “racist.” The words themselves have lost all meaning in the battle but carry enough clout to arouse a large and growing segment of the “woke” within the Evangelical Church into an active attack, leaving, for the most part, the conservative no other option but to retreat.  View article →


Progressive (Social Justice) “Christianity”