Which Movies Are ‘Culturally Outdated’?

We’re informed the “woke” syllabus of Disney errors is much longer, and more recent. In The Jungle Book (1967), somehow King Louie and the orangutans were stand-ins for “foolish and criminal” African-Americans.  The “churlish hyenas” in “The Lion King” (1994) could represent “racial minorities who live on the wrong side of the tracks.”

(Brent Bozell & Tim Graham – News Busters) Disney is launching its “Disney Plus” live-streaming service, which promises to be tremendously popular, which is unfortunate. “Experts” from the enlightened side of the tracks are unscrolling their grievances about how the Disney film catalogue is full of racism, sexism, and loathsome bigotry of all sorts.

It was only a matter of time, wasn’t it? And is anyone surprised that Disney met this ridiculous assault with capitulation?

To head off the Left, classic cartoons like Dumbo (first issued in 1941) and Peter Pan (1953) will carry a disclaimer that certain scenes “may contain outdated cultural depictions.” The mocking crows in Dumbo have “African-American accents” and their leader was literally named Jim Crow. Peter Pan contained a song from an Indian chief titled “What Makes the Red Man Red?” View article →