Village Church Pastor Says if Paul Were Here Today, He’d Write a Letter Endorsing Beth Moore

“Now, joining the chorus of Beth Moore apologists is J.T. English, a pastor alongside Matt Chandler at The Village Church. English takes his defense a step further — he puts Words in the Apostle Paul’s mouth claiming that if Paul were writing to the American Church today, he’d endorse Beth Moore and Karen Swallow Prior.”

(Jeff Maples – Reformation Charlotte)  It has to be exhausting — not to mention a monumental undertaking — to continually elevate, apologize for, and defend the indefensible. It is widely known by anyone who stands on the authority of God’s Word as believers that Beth Moore is a false teacher.

Beth Moore has exposed herself as full-on egalitarian feminazi — that is, one who rejects the biblical model for the roles of men and women — and has launched a tirade against biblical womanhood. She has practically embraced homosexuality and has joined hands with gay activists a number of times for various causes — usually for opposing the biblical view on something. She has refused to denounce homosexuality as sinful and says that doing so is “exceeding Scripture.”  View article →


Beth Moore

Matt Chandler