SEBTS Danny Akin Attempts Damage Control After Hiring of Infamous Liberal to Faculty

“Polemics Report shared emails from Southern Baptist pastors saying they were withholding funds from the SBC over her hiring and several students withdrew from seminary and prospective students asked their applications be pulled from consideration.”

Thousands of Southern Baptists are gravely upset that Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary president Danny Akin – who only weeks ago laughably argued there “was no liberal drift in the SBC – added a radical leftist and feminist to the faculty. In response to the outrage, Danny Akin has released a letter accusing Karen Swallow Prior’s detracters of “lying,” but offered no specific rebuttals to the mountains of evidence against her.

In his letter released on Twitter entitled, A Statement from Danny Akin, the seminary president said that “these stories [about Karen Swallow Prior] are untrue.”

Had Akin specified Pulpit & Pen, we would have immediately sent both Akin and the SEBTS a cease-and-desist letter for slander and defamation, as we are confident that every fact published about Prior, who we began reporting about in 2015, is undeniable and supported by her own spoken or written words. View article →


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