If Your Church Truly Loved LGBTQ People, There Won’t Be Very Many of Them There

If we’re faithfully preaching the full counsel of God in our churches, homosexuals will have two choices; repent or flee. However, unless they repent, they will likely not hang around too long.

(Jeff Maples – Reformation Charlotte)  I recently heard one of the most absurd statements on homosexuality in the Church that I’ve heard in a long time. Someone told me that his church was “gay-friendly,” but that they still preached the true gospel….

At least, that statement should sound absurd to any Bible-believing Christian who respects the authority of the Word of God. However, in today’s climate, it doesn’t.

A church, however, that truly loves gay people just like the Bible calls us to love all people would, in reality, not have very many in its doors — at least not for very long. Here are some reasons why there is no such thing as a “gay-friendly” church. View article →


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