Real change will come when people of faith stop behaving like unholy heathens

I first penned this article in 2010. Sadly, nothing has changed since then. In fact, our culture has become even more wicked than it was over a decade ago. 

(Marsha West – Christian Research Network)  If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times: America has lost its moral compass. Our country has fallen into the pit of depravity and if we’re going to emerge from this seemingly bottomless pit we’ve dug for ourselves and win the culture war, Americans have got to get busy.

The ability to dig ourselves out depends on two factors. Firstly, parents must instill in their children Judeo-Christian values (rooted in the Bible) on a variety of moral issues, from premarital sex and bearing babies out of wedlock, to abortion, gambling, alcohol, drug use, homosexuality and finally pornography. The Bible speaks to every one of these subjects.

Secondly, parents must deal with what’s going on in the government-run institutions-of-liberal-indoctrination (public schools). Liberal teachers are stealthily implanting in student’s minds the idea of rejecting conservative parent’s values and adopting a Marxist/socialist “progressive” worldview.

Children are no longer taught to develop critical thinking skills nor are they learning how to make their own decisions. In our politically correct (PC) world many educators deem it more important to fill our younger generation’s minds with homosexual propaganda than to teach them U. S. history!

Because the radical homosexual agenda must be “outed” I’m going to share with readers what is taking place behind parent’s backs in tax-payer funded public schools and in our institutions of higher learning. For decades there has been an ongoing all-out assault on the family, on individual freedom, and on traditional Christianity. We are experiencing the demise/deterioration of the family and, alarmingly, we are seeing the beginning stages of Christian persecution in America.


Radio talk show host Sandy Rios warned that “homosexual apologetics have been promoted so aggressively through the National Education Association, that faculty or staff dare not express an objection. Public school hallways display rainbows and trumpet Gay Pride and Days of Silence, while renderings of the Ten Commandments are forbidden. In Deerfield, Illinois, a required freshman orientation class features gay, straight, lesbian and bi-sexual students telling 14 year olds the ins and outs of homosexual sex with their young audience strictly forbidden to tell their parents. In schools across the nation homosexuality is taught in every discipline from the use of math word problems related to same gender sex to the science of non-existent gay genes to history claiming Abraham Lincoln had a love affair with his law partner, Billy Herndon.”

For the record, Harvard professor emeritus David Herbert Donald, who is considered the definitive biographer of President Lincoln, insists he was not a homosexual.

Imagine, if you will, a Buddhist student being told by school officials to read the New Testament and attend a Bible study to learn about Christianity as a way of getting the student to adopt America’s religious beliefs. The Pope will become a Protestant convert before that happens, you say? And you’re right to say something like this will not happen — unless the student is a Bible-believing Christian whose beliefs are not PC. Recently a Christian grad student who attends Augusta State University in Georgia was told by school officials that she would be dismissed from the counseling program unless she agreed to read literature promoting homosexuality and attend a “gay” pride parade and report on it. This was an attempt to get the student to change her views that gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender behavior is unnatural and morally wrong. Instead of kowtowing to leftist indoctrination, the student is suing the university.


To try and justify their perverse behavior a number of homosexuals are out to “prove” that homosexuality is normal and natural and that same-sex sex is acceptable to God. To make their case, some liberal clergy and scholars are claiming that the Bible teaches that Jesus and John, David and Jonathan, Naomi and Ruth were involved in “gay” love affairs. Since Jesus claimed to be God, wouldn’t that make God a homosexual?

That’s patently absurd! God did not mince words when He said, “There shall be no whore of the daughters of Israel, nor a sodomite of the sons of Israel” (Deuteronomy 23:17). Note that whore and sodomite are in the same class. Sodomite is a synonym for homosexual! The city of Sodom was known for homosexuality thus men who indulged in anal sex were known as sodomites. (Genesis 18-19) The term not only described the residents of Sodom, it was also used to describe criminal sexual acts. Moreover, it is important to remember that rampant homosexuality was the main reason God destroyed Sodom.

In the art and science of biblical interpretation (hermeneutics) we learn to “rightly divide the word of truth” (2 Tim 2:15). In other words, we learn to read the verse in context and not to impose our own view on the text nor do we read between the lines. Some individuals find it easy to exercise license when interpreting the Bible for the purpose of making it say what they want it to say in order to justify continuing in a behavior that displeases God. Hermeneutics is out the scope of this article so I’ll move on.


Leftist ideologues see the classroom as the ideal place to indoctrinate young people into their worldview. Most teachers are not neutral on the issues. Watch the following videos and you’ll get the picture. These videos show teachers taking indoctrination to a whole new level.

Clip 1  Clip 2 Clip 3

Some teachers say, “Yes we can!” influence your children’s views on politics, religion, same-gender “marriage,” reproductive rights (abortion), contraception, nutrition, environmental issues…and, of course, the “science” of global warming. (Click here to watch a propaganda cartoon on global warming)

Parents, are you going to continue to sit back while the public school sensitivity training police disrespect you and attempt to conform your child’s mind to their way of thinking? Or are you going to do as Sandy Rios suggests:

Get tough. Take a stand. Make the hard choices. Speak up and take your licks. The sexual anarchists are free to practice their anarchy, but they cannot have our kids. Any government that promotes or says they can and bars parents from their rightful influence must be opposed fiercely…. Let’s get busy. Let’s move our kids to private schools…private cooperatives…homeschool them. The public school must either clean up its act or risk losing its power.

For over 50 years people of faith have allowed secular humanists to infuse their anti-God agenda into our public education system. Make no mistake. Elitist humanists are more determined than ever before to see society dominated by them and their progressive ideology. Back in 2000 Jann Flury warned:

They have brought us political correctness; universal tolerance with zero tolerance of intolerance; they have brought us a ‘value-free, nonjudgmental society’ where there is no discrimination and judgement [sic] except the denial of the old Judeo-Christian values, and the vigorous persecution of its adherents, which they call extremists. These humanists are establishing a free nonconformist society where everyone is free to do whatever they are told to do by the new establishment. And these humanists have a vision of a free and peaceful global society where there is no competition or strife, and war has been eliminated by calling it ‘peace.’

To bring this total transformation of society about, the humanists must change society’s thought process- its beliefs, and values system. Nowhere is there more fertile ground to plant the seed for this transformation than in the minds of our youngsters in the schools. This the humanists are assiduously pursuing through Outcome Based Education (OBE) and Child Centered Learning. According to the philosophy of Transformational OBE, factual knowledge is no longer important for the children; rules and discipline are considered stifling; right or wrong does not exist; therefore, integrity and morality means nothing, and ‘learning to learn’ and liking it is more important than acquiring factual knowledge. Under child centered learning, individuals are prompted to choose what suits them best, competition is replaced by group learning, and self-esteem is projected as a right- to be savoured without accomplishment.

Christians are not alone in opposing what’s being taught in government schools. Islamic organizations also do not want Muslim children indoctrinated by public school teachers (hooray for them). What are they doing about it? They’re attempting to use taxpayer-funded schools to proselytize for Islam! Try proselytizing for Judaism or Christianity in a government school and see what happens.


In 2006, King & King, a children’s book portraying homosexual romance and marriage, was read to a second grade class by a teacher at Estabrook Elementary School in Lexington Mass. The last page shows a male-to-male kiss. The book clearly promotes same-sex “marriage.”

In 2010 the Helena Montana Public School system came up with a plan to teach kindergartners sex education. The plan “includes teaching first graders that people can be attracted to the same gender. In second grade students are instructed to avoid gay slurs and by the time students turn 10 years old they are taught about various types of intercourse.” Fifth graders should “understand that sexual intercourse includes but is not limited to vaginal, oral, or anal penetration.”

We’re talking about 11 year olds! We’re talking about learning about far more than reproduction and body parts! When parents heard about the sex-ed program they were so angered by it that the school was forced to delay its implementation. Three cheers for parents who said “No way!” to the sexual anarchists.

Back in the stone age when I was in the fifth grade, teachers taught the 3 Rs — reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic. Students were also taught history, social studies and geography. Times have changed. Today’s teachers are required to explain oral and anal sex to youngsters. What an outrage — and how embarrassing for our teachers!


Forty years ago my mom lamented: “America’s going to hell in a hand basket.” She saw the writing on the wall. That’s why it is critical for Christians to come out of the closet and do what we’re here to do: “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15). Jesus Christ is the reason for the hope that we have. (1Pet 3:15) If His followers had been doing what we are called to do all along our country wouldn’t be in the sad shape it’s in now — both morally and spiritually. It is high time for the professing Christian’s worldview to be based on Judeo-Christian principles found in the Bible instead of allowing a humanist man-centered belief system to shape his/her worldview.

The Christian’s job is not to insure that people understand the message we bring. No. Believers are simply to deliver the message! The Holy Spirit is the One who changes hearts and minds and brings fallen men to faith so that they may believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved.

Real change will come when people of faith stop behaving like unholy heathens and start behaving in a Christ-like manner. (Phil. 1:27) Christ’s followers are to ever so humbly serve their King and Him alone.

Christians also must get back to the basics. What this entails is reading/studying the Bible and sharing his/her faith. As for pastors, they need to stand up and preach the Word of God and all it contains instead of some watered-down message that’s designed to make people feel good about themselves. (Heb. 4:12) America will not experience an authentic revival until God’s Word is taught chapter and verse.

I’ll close this out with a quote by Anton Bosch:

Change begins with you, personally. That is the only area you have jurisdiction and control over. When you change, your spouse will change and your children will change. When you change, your church will change, and when the church changes it will begin to impact the community and eventually the nation. Jesus said we should begin in Jerusalem, then Judea and then Samaria and then the rest of the world (Acts 1:8). But we want to begin in Washington, London or Pretoria and then work back. It does not work that way. Change begins with me and you.


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Original title: True culture change comes when hearts are changed

Copyright 2010 by Marsha West