A Brief Condescension to James White on the Topic of Rosaria Butterfield

In the clearest possible terms, White is being intellectually dishonest. Not only does Rosaria preface arguments using these heretics as references for her position, but it is not a bibliography at the end of her book, but “Recommended Reading.” 

(Pulpit & Pen)  con·de·scend (kŏn′dĭsĕnd′) intr.v. to lower oneself… James White’s “church,” Apologia, is reeling from a controversy revolving around its secret recording of clergy-penitent conversations and their anonymous release on Youtube against their critics. James White defended their actions in a video late last week. Since then, dozens of Apologia church members, former members, former leaders, and Phoenix-area pastors have come forward with their own stories about Apologia’s “hard shepherding” practices of secret recordings and retaliation.

We will be publishing these testimonies.

In no uncertain terms, I believe James’ defense of this cult-like behavior of his fellow elders is disqualifying from the pastorate. I am choosing to condescend to James White on the issue of Rosaria Butterfield only momentarily, as I believe his constant attention to the subject is a purposeful smokescreen to distract his followers from the fact that his church is burning down around him.

Brevity is a Friend of Honesty

James White’s lengthy Facebook diatribes in defense of the indefensible when it comes to Rosaria Butterfield are virtual tomes, a “victory by volume” approach to apologetics that mirrors the strategy I’ve opined about before in relation to theonomists who considered many words a substitute for sound arguments.

Believing Diane Gaskins’ article exposing Rosaria Butterfield as nothing short of Sam Allberry in a skirt, I am able to do what James White is incapable of…be briefView article →


Apologia Church Saved Private Clergy-Penitent Recordings, Then Released Them to Punish Critics


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