BREAKING: IG Report Finds FBI ‘Fell Far Short,’ Made ‘Serious’ Errors In FISA Application To Surveil Trump Campaign

“That means that it appears as though that opposition research, paid for by Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC), was used to launch the FBI investigation into the Trump campaign.”

(Ryan Saavedra – Daily Wire)  Department of Justice inspector general Michael Horowitz’s report on alleged FBI misconduct during its surveillance of the 2016 Trump presidential campaign found that the FBI “fell far short” and made “serious” errors in obtaining the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) applications that it used to surveil the campaign.

“We concluded that the failures described above and in this report represent serious performance failures by the supervisory and non-supervisory agents with responsibility over the FISA applications,” the investigation found. “These failures prevented [Office of Intelligence (OI)] from fully performing its gatekeeper function and deprived the decision makers the opportunity to make fully informed decisions. Although some of the factual misstatements and omissions we found in this review were arguably more significant than others, we believe that all of them taken together resulted in FISA applications that made it appear that the information supporting probable cause was stronger than was actually the case.”

“We identified at least 17 significant errors or omissions in the Carter Page FISA applications, and many additional errors in the Woods Procedures,” the investigation found. “These errors and omissions resulted from case agents providing wrong or incomplete information to OI and failing to flag important issues for discussion.” View article →