Tapes, emails and now a witness against Southwestern

Witness at meeting between Provost and Lopez speaks; condemns SWBTS; says actions against Robert Lopez were ‘Pathetic and Unacceptable.’

(Capstone Report)  Joe Goodson ,a graduate of Southwestern’s M.Div. ’02, was at the meeting between SWBTS Provost Randy Stinson and Professor Robert Lopez. Goodson condemned the action of Southwestern in a strongly worded statement published on the Concerned Christian Citizens of Central Texas Facebook Page.

Goodson said, “This whole thing stinks of compromise on the part of my alma mater, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and of compromise at the expense of a brother in the Lord, Dr. Lopez, whose testimony is so extremely vital for this generation. This is pathetic and unacceptable.”

Not only was Goodson at the meeting between Lopez and Stinson, but Goodson followed up with an email to Stinson following the meeting. The email went unanswered.

Here is the text of the email to the seminary: View article →


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