Blatant Brainwashing In Children’s Books

“The blatant brainwashing of young children into accepting or embracing Islam is overshadowed by the accusations of censorship hurled against those trying to expose this indoctrination. As the censorship argument clouds the indoctrination issue, adults are distracted and lose sight of the predominant issue at hand, which is the powerful influence that children’s books hold in shaping the beliefs and attitudes of their children.”

(Deborah DeGroff – What’s Inside Children’s Books?)  In this blog I will demonstrate how easily children can be influenced to accept or reject certain ideologies through the power of story books.

One example that comes to mind is, In Our Mothers’ House, by Patrica Polacco. This book is about children growing up with two mothers who are always upbeat and basically superwomen. The one mom is a pediatrician and the other is a paramedic. When the girls were chosen to host a mother-daughter tea, the pediatrician mom sewed three whole nights to make the dresses for the two girls and two mothers. If there are any seamstresses reading this, that’s impressive! Finishing four dresses after working all day as a pediatrician is quite a feat! These busy moms even brought two puppies home as a surprise for the three children when they had the flu. View article →


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