Returning the Future to Individuals: What the UK Election Has to Say About the 21st Century

“Orwell was wrong. The future does not consist of a boot stamping on a human face forever. The boot has rotted away, dissolved by the impact of the unforeseeable, by the furnace of creation.”

(Richard Fernandez – PJ Media)The decisive defeat of the British Labour party strongly suggests that a fundamental shift in the politics of the world has taken place — that the non-ideological wave of unrest sweeping the world really has deeper roots than Donald Trump or Fox News. Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch, the founders of Fusion GPS, tried to blame the fall of Labour on Putin.

Britain needs its own Mueller report: a full, independent and public accounting of Russian efforts to interfere in its politics. Few people will look forward to this process in a country already exhausted from fighting over Brexit. But it’s essential to halt Russia’s attack on Britain’s democracy and restore confidence in its politics.

But it’s no use. Something tectonic has shifted. It is correct but not enough to say, as Andrew Sullivan observed, that “one lesson from the UK: if the Democrats don’t stop their hard-left slide, they’ll suffer the same fate as Labour. If they don’t move off their support for mass immigration, they’re toast. Ditto the wokeness. Left Twitter is not reality.” Beyond this, it is essential to recognize that the age of giant state projects, unelected global organizations and millennial endeavors is over. View article →