A homosexual’s ‘biblical’ reasoning for his kind of homosexuality falls flat

“This terrible confusion is theological quicksand, and Wes is ready to make our Holy Lord Jesus a model of his own desired type of “friendship”. The PCA must reject this immoral mess, and Hill’s self-serving “Scriptural” reasoning. Dr. Wesley Hill has not imparted soundness of truth. With his reading of Scripture he is out to recruit evangelical support for his kind of homosexuality, so I write to show that the Scriptures he chose for this do not support his kind of gayness at all.”

(David H. Linden – Aquila Report)  Dr. Wesley Hill has risen to the challenge of supplying biblical reasoning for his kind of homosexuality. Before we start we need a couple of things about this gay man reading and teaching the Bible….

He uses romantic and erotic to explain his personal feelings for men, yet he is consistently opposed to same-sex erotic activity (Washed and Waiting 120, hereafter WW). He asserts his own celibacy. He will not say he is a homosexual, only that he is a homosexual Christian. He will not say he is a gay, just a gay man, as long as gay is an adjective. He dances with words.

His battle: “…Friendship’s number one enemy, at least over the past half century or so, is the elevated importance we have attached to spousal, parental, and extended familial bonds” (SF 11). Dr. Hill’s point of view affects how he reads the Bible. Since he gives some scriptural support in chapter 3 of Spiritual Friendship (SF), we shall concentrate on those biblical arguments. But first to get our bearings, note:

Dr. Hill’s development of friendship in the Bible:

  • Past: The Old Testament norm at creation was man being married to woman. Wes thinks something better emerged later.
  • Present: In the New Testament the answer to loneliness is no longer marriage but friendship and the church (WW 132).
  • Future: There will be no marrying in the resurrection (WW 187), because “The greatest joys … God has for us are not found in marriage, for if they were, surely God would not do away with marriage in heaven. But since he has already told us he is doing away with it, we too, can realize that the greatest things God has to give us are not to be found in marriage at all” (WW 133).

These gays have graduated to greater joys. He notes that love is not even mentioned in the NT’s longest passage on marriage, 1 Corinthians 7. Instead    “… the celibate person’s life now serves as a direct sign of the eschatological state” (WW 187).  View article →

Note: The title has been changed. David H. Linden’s titled his piece: Homosexual Reads His Bible



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