Christian Psychiatrist Says Gender Ideology Is ‘a Variant of Atheistic Humanism’ Enthroning Self as god

“It is ultimately a faith in yourself, a variant of the atheistic humanism that enthrones the ‘I’ as its god,” he explained. “It is very significant that one of its favorite words is ‘empowerment.’ Empowering means ‘getting power.’ That is its dream, its untouchable idol. If I can empower myself, then I can do with my life what I want.”

(Heather Clark – Christian News) A Christian psychiatrist and author in Spain says that the current fad of gender self-identification is really “a variant of atheistic humanism” where one enthrones himself as his own god.

Pablo Martinez of the RZ Foundation for the Dialogue between Faith and Culture told Evangelical Focus in an interview published this week that society has replaced absolute truth with the more subjective “my truth.”

“The root of the conflict is not cultural or ideological, it is a moral one. Ultimately, it is not a matter of a new philosophy, but a matter of who has the authority in my life and in the world. Does anyone rule up there or can I rule?” he explained.

“A strong earthquake has shaken the foundations of Western civilization, because in the last 30 years the foundation and nature of the truth have amazingly changed. The change is summed up in one sentence: ‘Truth is dead; long live to my truth!’”  View article →

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