Gay, pro-abortion Pete Buttigieg suggests Christians can’t support Trump

Buttigieg’s own brother-in-law, Michigan pastor Rhyan Glezman, responded at the time that Buttigieg was a “modern-day pharisee” who has “manipulated” and “weaponized” Scripture in the name of politics, and is “making up their own rules and regulations.”

(Calvin Freiburger – LifeSiteNews) Democrat presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg invoked Christianity against Republicans yet again Tuesday evening, this time claiming political support for President Donald Trump could not be reconciled with the Bible.

Referencing past comments the former South Bend, Indiana mayor had made suggesting Trump and faith are incompatible, CNN anchor Erin Burnett asked Buttigieg at a presidential townhall if it was “impossible to be a Christian and support Trump,” Fox News reported.

“I’m not going to tell other Christians how to be Christian, but I will say I cannot find any compatibility between the way this president conducts himself and anything I find in Scripture,” he replied. “Now, I guess that’s my interpretation, but I think that it’s a lot of people’s interpretation and that interpretation deserves a voice.” The answer came shortly after declaring that “God does not belong to a political party.”  View article →


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