The News You Won’t Believe

“Even more incredible, even more bizarre, was an announcement by the state of New York that from now on, as part of some incomprehensible species of “justice reform,” accused criminals are to be given a list of names of the witnesses against them. Bail is a thing of the past: arrest ‘em and release ‘em. But don’t forget to give ‘em that list of witnesses.”

(Lee Duigon – News With Views)  The nooze has developed a habit of hitting you with stories that you don’t want to believe, and maybe can’t believe. But you check it out and it turns out to be true: heaven help us.

Here are a couple of flagrant examples that appeared last week.

A group of parents are suing the Madison, Wisconsin, Metro School District over its “gender policy”—under which the schools are to “help” children “transition” to another sex without the knowledge or consent of their parents. In fact, the policy as written says “District employees are prohibited from notifying parents, without the child’s consent.” A ten-year-old can’t have a driver’s license, or contract binding debts, without the parents’ or guardian’s consent, but “he” can “transition” into “she” with the school’s blessing and assistance and the parents none the wiser—until it’s too late.

Is there any outrage that public education can’t commit, without making parents mad enough to pull their children out of there? Why are only 14 parents suing over this? View article →