Does Dr. Michael Brown’s conclusion confirm he has seen and agrees with the evidence Church Watch Central provided?

Proof! Watch the video over at CWC.

…editors at CWC started collecting as much information about ‘Christalignment’ as possible, before Jenny Hodge started tampering or removing evidence that could be used against her. By the time she pulled down (or hid) a damning video of her staff engaging in stone/crystal practices in harmony with their tarot card practices, CWC downloaded and published it in an article back in 2017 titled, Bethel’s house of cards; tarot-rists leading people to Baal/Jezebel by practicing occultism in God’s name‘. In our article, CWC demonstrated that Christalignment are using agate, a New Age stone/crystal that…

(Churchwatch Central)  As reported in previous articles, Dr. Michael Brown recently had Jenny Hodge from ‘Christalignment’ on his program, ‘Line Of Fire’, discussing her use of ‘christian tarot cards’. Unfortunately the interview backfired spectacularly not just for Jenny Hodge but for Dr. Brown’s reputation as well.

After the interview, this was Dr. Brown’s conclusion:

“I appreciate Jenny Hodge coming on my show today, and my goal was to understand her practices and beliefs. Having spoken with her, I don’t question her sincerity or her desire to see people come to Jesus and be saved. But I do NOT agree with or endorse the practices used, specifically stones and cards and readings.”

Source: AskDrBrown, Facebook,, Published February 02, 2020. (Accessed February 02, 2020.)

What makes this statement incredible is his acknowledgment of Jenny Hodge’s use of “stones” in her readings. This can only mean one thing…    View article →


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