SBC Professor Claims ‘Revoice’ Founders Have ‘Traditional, Biblical Sexual Ethic’

Karen Swallow Prior

For a refresher, this Revoice founder wondered allowed if Jesus was gay. This Revoice founder says his brain is “part-female” and that just wrote in Christianity Today that polyamory provides an “attractive alternative” and should be “affirmed” in the church. These Revoice founders had a rainbow and Taylor Swift-themed party to paint their toenails.

(Pulpit & Pen)  Basically, the entire orthodox evangelical world has repudiated the now-infamous Revoice Conference for holding to a rainbow-splattered unbiblical sexual ethic….

The conference, which would go on to celebrate “queer culture” has been even repudiated by ‘woke’ leaders like Albert Mohler and even the ERLC.

The one hold-out seems to be Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary professor, Karen Swallow Prior. She has already endorsed the Revoice Conference both before and after it was held.

Despite Southeastern President, Danny Akin, assuring Southern Baptists that Prior has “renounced Revoice” (see below) she endorsed it again just yesterday.   View article →



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