In most recent teaching, Beth Moore declares Catholicism ‘a denomination’

“Be it known that Roman Catholicism is not another denomination of the faith. It is not akin to Baptists, as Moore stated. It is a false religion more akin to Islam or Wicca than anything God has anything to do with. I beg you ladies, with all I have in me, not to follow Beth Moore or absorb any of her teachings or read anything she has written or listen to anything she has to say. Her lengthy time of rebellion against God and His word has only served to harden her into a person who brings heresy and corruption in the true faith.”

(Elizabeth Prata – The End Time)  A dear sister sent me information related to a new ‘teaching’ series Beth Moore has begun, called, “Developing Compassion for the Sexually Abused – Part 1“. Apparently there are three parts to the series….

The sister wondered if this is an indication that Beth Moore (ever eager to capitalize on any and all trendy or faddish waves, says me) is preparing to capitalize more overtly on the sexual abuse issues that have arisen in the wake of the Houston Chronicle’s exposé one year ago this month, the #MeToo movement, and Moore’s own “Letter to My Brothers” published in 2018.

I replied that I appreciated the information, was inspired by her insight, and promised to review the series (painfully, I’m sure) and get back to her.

True to my word, a few hours later I brewed a pot of tea, turned on Moore’s first video in this new series, rattled around the kitchen and my desk area prior to settling my full attention, thinking I had a few minutes to really tune in since her introductions usually go long and I likely would not hear anything I needed to take notes on just yet.

I was wrong.

Beth Moore spoke heresy within the first seventeen seconds. That is all it took, 17 seconds for her to speak something that immediately grabbed my attention, caused me to sputter my tea, grab a pen and begin writing.  View article →


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