More States and Parents Jump on Ban Bandwagon to Ban This Grotesque Treatment

“Bills recommending bans on this child butchery are now filed in South Carolina,  Florida, Missouri, Ohio, Illinois, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Kentucky,  Alabama and Georgia (just introduced). Many are named the “Vulnerable Child Protection Act.” A bill in Colorado was introduced but killed by the Democrats there. The bill in Idaho is being held up by a Republican committee chair.”

(Linda Harvey – Mission: America)  The vote was unanimous. As the chairman’s gavel came down sharply, he declared, “The bill is passed!” And the crowds in the gallery erupted in applause and cheers. The bill was a no-brainer, banning any medical treatment for anorexia/bulemia that affirmed the delusion of obesity in a normal weight individual….

The bill banned all therapies enabling the struggler to continue harsh dieting, purging, and severe fasting. Counseling to bring the person’s confused perception in line with sound health and reality was declared the most beneficial, time-proven protocol.

And of course, I am making all this up. There has been no such bill that I know of, and probably won’t be.

Because it’s obvious that anorexia harms the body. Anorexia depends on a powerful delusion, one that should never be affirmed. And people who respect science and common sense recognize this. View article →


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