No, MacArthur and Grace Community Church Are Not Hiding A COVID-19 Outbreak at Shepherds’ Conference

“At the time of this writing, these two, plus others, are still going back and forth. This article’s purpose is to demonstrate that there was no nefarious reason for the Facebook post being taken down nor was there any devious cause for Phil not commenting on this matter sooner. Once you take away that, what do you have? What do we make of an article like this, rife with conjecture and speculation?” 

Christian journalist Julie Roys set the Reformed world abuzz on Saturday morning when she dropped a sensationalist, unsubstantiated piece suggesting that John MacArthur and Grace Community Church were instigating a coverup of a coronavirus death that took place at the Shepherds’ Conference few weeks ago, with Executive Director of Grace To You’s Phil Johnson up to his elbows in these twisted machinations.

The conspiracy was kickstarted when Roys caught wind of a Facebook post shared by Phil Johnson, which said “Alexey Kolomiytsev and his father were at the Shepherds’ Conference two weeks ago, and shortly after returning home, Alexey’s dad tested positive with the Wuhan virus,” along with an update from Alexey’s son saying his father had passed, and asking for people to keep them in their prayers. Phil later deleted the post, along with the replies to the post, some of which contained questions or comments over whether or not they were going to inform the 5000+ attendees about possible exposure, given the cause of the father’s death. View article →