Benham Brother Arrested at Abortion Clinic Despite Following Social Distancing Guidelines

“These men were well within their rights and they were providing essential services to pregnant women as part of a legally recognized 501(c)(3) charity operated by Cities4Life.”

(Jeff Maples – Reformation Charlotte)  As we’ve reported before, the North Carolina government has decided that its powers during the current coronavirus pandemic are unlimited despite the fact that the Constitution of the United States guarantees certain rights to people….

While the government is actively closing down churches, Charlotte’s largest abortion clinic is in full, unhindered operation

During the pandemic, some pro-life sidewalk counselors and Christian ministers are still trying to reach abortive mothers as they enter the abortion clinic to kill their child. Despite their efforts of following the guidelines of social distancing, the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department, namely, anti-Constitutionalist CMPD Captain Andy Kornberg who has tirelessly helped the pro-abortion camp at Charlotte’s largest abortion clinic for several years. View article →


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