Defense Official Shoots Down ABC Report Alleging Trump Admin Ignored Virus Warnings

“On that night’s World News Tonight, anchor David Muir hyped, “ABC news reporting tonight that American intelligence officials warned the Trump administration as far back as late November about coronavirus.” Both stories ended with each WH correspondent acknowledging that they had not received an official statement from the Pentagon yet responding to their story, but would keep viewers updated.”

(Kristine Marsh – NewsBusters) ABC is quietly sweeping under the rug their own sensational report they hyped all day Wednesday, which suggested the Trump administration ignored warnings of an impending pandemic, back in November….

That report is now in dispute, as the very military intelligence agency which ABC’s unnamed sources cited, has come out denying the existence of such an intelligence assessment.

During Wednesday’s Good Morning America, co-anchor Michael Strahan breathlessly touted the “exclusive” report ABC had acquired, alleging that the military’s “National Center for Medical Intelligence warned the military and the White House late last year about the spread of coronavirus in China.” On the screen read, “Missed warning signs? Sources: Intelligence officials warned of crisis as early as November.” Correspondent Cecilia Vega also suggested President Trump was lying about when he knew about the virus spread:  View article →