Tim Keller, Lecrae Team Up With Bethel Redding and Francis Chan For Social Justice Church Conference

According to the website, “Each participant hears every presentation and is exposed to numerous ideas from unexpected points of view that sharpen their understanding, deepen their cultural awareness, and motivate their action.”

(Jeff Maples – Reformation Charlotte)  It’s one thing when the social justice warriors exert their own efforts to lead the Church into embracing a social justice movement that is practically devoid of the gospel altogether — which is basically the full scope and purpose of The Gospel Coalition. But it’s another thing when that movement teams up with blatant charismatic blasphemers of the Holy Spirit to advance that cause.

The Gospel Coalition was founded by Tim Keller and his cohort, D.A. Carson for the purpose of exploiting conservative Christians to embrace a social gospel that moves the Church to the political left. Now, Tim Keller, along with social-gospel rapper, Lecrae Moore, are teaming up with charismatic blasphemers, Bill Johnson of Bethel Redding and Francis “I healed everyone I touched” Chan for Q Ideas — a “cultural awareness” (read social justice) conference. View article →


Tim Keller

Francis Chan

Bill Johnson

Progressive (Social Justice) “Christianity”


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