My Surreal Trip To The Drug Store In The American COVID-19 Epicenter

The following is a narrative op-ed about a typically routine activity of mine that has been altered due to the COVID-19 pandemic in New York City. I believe it will shed light on the every day changes we’ve seen in our lives, especially for those who live in high-density areas such as myself. Everything that you read below occurred exactly as described.

(Frank Camp – Daily Wire)  I need my medication. Unfortunately, that means I had to leave my apartment. I have to get to the pharmacy. Two months ago, that would have been an easy proposition – no fuss, in and out. Now I’m in a different world.

I exit my apartment building. Aside from my N95 mask, which I purchased from a local hardware store in mid-February, I bring with me only the essentials. Credit card, ID, Metro card, and keys. I leave my phone at home so I don’t have to use any of my disinfectant products on it later. I can’t replenish my supply, and I have little left to waste.

Everyone is wearing a mask. N95, surgical, improvised. It’s as if three-fourths of the population has simply disappeared. The streets aren’t barren, but the human traffic of New York City is lower than I’ve ever seen.  View article →


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