ALERT: Democrats begin persecution of Christians in America

“If you are a Christian, then you need to know this: Democrats are using the pandemic to attack churches. It was revealed today that the Mayor of Greenville, Mississippi who sent police to harass churches endorsed Joe Biden for President.”

(Capstone Report)  Democrats are beginning a selective harassment campaign using their political power in states like Kentucky and local governments like Greenwood, Mississippi to persecute Christians.

Todd Starnes reported outrageous details of a Kentucky plan to force anyone attending church into a 14-day quarantine. Apparently, that would include drive-in church services.

Drive-in church services are events where church goers sit in their own cars, with the windows rolled up and listen to the service via a low-powered FM transmitter.

However, Democrats don’t like this.

They banned these drive-in services even as abortion clinics operate, liquor stores serve alcohol and drive-in restaurants serve customers.

Democrats in Kentucky ordered mandatory quarantine and other harassment.  View article →


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