Republican Governor Condemns Police And Mayor That Fined Churches $500: ‘You are going to have Mississippians revolt.’

“While Pastor Hamilton Jr. clearly had no compunction about violating what he believed was an unconstitutional and ungodly decree, he also urged grace and kindness towards the mayor and officers, stating that he had no tolerance for any abuse of them.” 

(Pulpit & Pen)  In a tweet from earlier today, Republican Governor Tate Reeves came down hard against Greenville Mayor Errick Simmons and local law enforcement for their unconstitutional actions of shutting down all churches, breaking up services, and fining congregants $500.00 for participating in drive-in services.

As we wrote about in our post Breaking: Police Assail Another Greenville Church in Overwhelming Show of Force, which only happened yesterday, the mayor issued an “executive order” shutting down all churches, even those who have drive-in services where social distancing is strictly observed. The members stay in their cars at all times and have the sermon piped through the FM station, honking their horns in place of “amen!”  View article →