If Oprah Winfrey Really Thinks Black Lives Matter She Should Protest Abortion

“In this time of pandemic panic, we don’t need hyperbole. We need honesty. Coronavirus is not “ravaging” the black community. Violent crime is. Fatherlessness is. Abortion is. Devotion to a political party that depends on perpetual narratives of victimhood is.”

(Ryan Bomberger – LifeNews)  How is it that celebrities like Oprah see negative racial disparities in every facet of American life, except in the one industry that kills for a living?

Oprah recently opined about the disproportionate impact of the coronavirus in black communities. COVID-19, according to the guru of talk, is “taking us out.”

Honestly, this is what happens when you look at everything in life through the broken prism of race. “We as a people, as African Americans, have jobs that require us to be at work. For so many African Americans, there isn’t this ability to telecommute,” the multi-billionaire Oprah Winfrey told NBC News from the cushy confines of her multi-million dollar home. First of all, stop racializing things Oprah. People of every hue have these jobs and many are at higher risk of exposure regardless of their pigmentation. Millions and millions of people of any color are not able to telecommute.  View article →


Oprah Winfrey


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