Reformed Denomination Writes Letter to Government Warning of Civil Disobedience if Economy not Re-opened

“…we must also do what we believe God expects of us, what is best for our people and our communities, and what our consciences dictate. For our American members, The U.S. Constitution rightly affords us these rights of speech and assembly because they extend to us from God, Himself.”

(Jeff Maples – Reformation Charlotte) There has been an undeniable and growing unrest among not just Christians, but citizens around the country — and the world for that matter — who are practically imprisoned in their homes by decree of their local and national government leaders amid the coronavirus outbreak….

But for Christians in particular, the right and God-given duty to assemble and support the faithful has been at an even greater risk.

Police and local governments have been taking a particularly hard stance around the country on Christians who, for whatever purpose they deem fit, choose to assemble for church services and other gatherings despite the warnings from the government against doing so.  Left-wing activists are pouring nails into church parking lots to stop church-goers from having drive-in services, cops are being forced to break up small church services who are following the CDC’s social distancing guidelines, and prominent Southern Baptist leaders are joining the chorus of the far left calling church service “reckless.” And as this publication warned last week, some churches are already being banned by corporate media giants from streaming their services online.  View article →


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