David Jeremiah Returns Triumphant to NRB Despite Questionable Financial Dealings

“These twin resignations meant it is likely many leaders in the evangelical world knew of Jeremiah’s activities – and remained silent.  The reason for their silence is simple enough to understand:  It is in not in the interest of either Christian broadcasters or publishers to speak up.  Book publishers are obvious beneficiaries of these retail book sales.  In 2017…Turning Point spent $10.4-million on ‘product fulfillment,’ which is the cost of books and other materials sent to donors.”

(Warren Cole Smith – Ministry Watch)  On the evening of Feb. 28, on the final night of the annual meeting of the National Religious Broadcasters at Nashville’s Opryland Hotel and Conference Center, one of religious broadcasting’s best-known figures, David Jeremiah, took the stage as a conquering hero.

He was inducted into the NRB’s Hall of Fame.  This exclusive club has less than 90 members, and they include Billy Graham, Chuck Colson, and Jerry Falwell.  It is easily the highest honor a Christian broadcaster can receive.

In accepting the honor, Jeremiah talked about his early days doing college radio at Cedarville University in Ohio, and he closed with an appeal to support NRB itself.  After mentioning that he had been coming to NRB meetings for 50 years, he added: “It’s important that we become ardent supporters of NRB.  What we do is more important than it has ever been.”

Much was unspoken – but well understood – by David Jeremiah’s appearance.  First, his words were an intentional show of support for an organization that has had its share of troubles the past few years and nearly went bankrupt in 2019.  This year, Jeremiah made his appeal to a half-empty room, at the end of a conference that had barely half as many people in attendance as it did just three years ago.  View article →


David Jeremiah


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