False Prophets Exposed: Why Modern-Day prophets Never Saw This Pandemic Coming

“I could go on with so many more face-plants by charismatics. So again, why didn’t their “prophets” know this was about to happen? The biblical answer is much simpler and more excoriating than Dr. [Michael] Brown’s answer. The reason modern-day apostles and prophets didn’t see this coming is because there are no modern-day apostles and prophets. No faith-healer is miraculously clearing out the COVID-19 wards or even daring to set foot in one because there is no such thing as a faith-healer.”

(Gabriel Hughes – The Midwestern Baptist)  Self-proclaimed apostle Chuck Pierce claimed that there would be a “shift” in the pandemic by the end of the Passover season. Self-proclaimed prophet Tracy Cooke also said that by April 16, “the blood of Jesus” would cause the “plague to pass over.”…

Both of these men qualified their predictions by referencing Amos 3:7, which says, “For the Lord God does nothing without revealing His secret to His servants, the prophets.”

But that verse does not qualify their prediction as legitimate. On the contrary, it exposes them as frauds. If, as they understand Amos 3:7, the Lord God does nothing without revealing it through His prophets first, then why did none of the so-called “prophets” of today know that the COVID-19 novel coronavirus pandemic was about to happen?

That’s the question Dr. Michael L. Brown recently attempted to answer as he’s been running damage control for the charismatic and pentecostal movement. Recently, he published an article entitled Some Practical Thoughts on Contemporary Prophetic Ministry in which he attempted to explain why none of the charismatic “prophets” predicted the pandemic.

What is the reason? Dr. Brown says it’s “because their primary calling is not to be prognosticators or predictors.” Now that’s funny. Dr. Brown thinks he’s helping the charismatic movement. But without realizing it, he just admitted the movement is full of false prophets! View article →


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