Beth Moore Likes Tweet Calling on Christians to Forsake Faith and Join Pro-Gay Anti-Police Hate Groups

To think that you can join hands with pro-violence hate groups like  Black  Lives Matter and ANTIFA and fight “systemic racism and racial violence” without the gospel is absurd and exposes her agenda.

(Jeff Maples – Reformation Charlotte)  Beth Moore’s car has long derailed the tracks of orthodox Christianity as she has spent the vast majority of her adult life rebelling against God. She has departed sound Christian doctrine and embraced a wholly anti-Christian theological system that is devoid of the actual substance of the gospel as she replaces it with social justice mixed with a seeker-sensitive bizarre charismatic dream-state religion that can only exist in her own head.

Whether it be her fanciful tales about meeting a stranger at a bus stop to give her money because “God told her to,” or outlandish dreams of God lifting her up in the air to envision Catholics and Protestants in ecumenical unity or her recent elbow-locking with heretics Joel Osteen, Matt Crouch, and Brian Houston, her hand holding with wolftress, Joyce Meyer, her quick jump to condemn an innocent high school kid in a racist media propaganda attack, or her declaration that spending time with God is not the same thing as spending time in the Bible, one thing is for sure, Beth Moore isn’t too concerned with obedience to the Great Commission or, as seen below, with being a Christian at all.  View article →


Beth Moore


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