Let Liberal Hellholes Defund Their Police and Burn

“Perhaps we should just let the “defund police” lunatics have their way so they can see what that’s like on the other side.”

(Stephen Kruiser – PJ Media)  The protest/riot/no social-distancing get-togethers in Democratic enclaves around what I think used to be the United States of America don’t seem like they want to let up any time soon. Police are bad. White people are bad. Heaven help you if you’re a white cop. It’s a mess out there.

I’ve been watching some friends I’ve known for years opine on social media about their full-throated support for all that’s going on and, I have to admit, it mystifies me. Most of my liberal friends are comedians and are near my age. They’re old-school Democrats and I truly believe that they don’t quite understand that their party has been taken over by what used to be its lunatic fringe.  View article →


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