#IStandWithTuckerCarlson: Conservatives Rally to Fox Host’s Defense

“This may be a lot of things, this moment we are living through,” said Carlson on Monday. “But it is definitely not about black lives and remember that when they come for you, and at this rate, they will.”

(Breitbart) “#IStandWithTuckerCarlson” trended on Twitter today as conservatives rallied to Carlson’s defense after a coordinated attack on the Fox Host’s advertisers by the woke leftist mob.

Leftists targeted Carlson over his coverage of Black Lives Matter and the George Floyd riots, which has focused on acts of violence and criminal behavior as America’s cities descended into chaos over the past two weeks.

On June 2, at the height of the riots, Carlson devoted a segment to the murder of retired police officer David Dorn.  View article →


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