New Video Exposes the Armed Antifa ‘Militia’ Who Want to Abolish the Police

“The revelation of antifa’s armed “militia” should terrify Americans — but it also reaffirms conservative opposition to gun control. The Redneck Revolt is correct in its suspicions that restrictions on gun ownership trace back to a desire to prevent black Americans from being able to defend themselves. It seems ironic that so many leftists who insist police are racist seem opposed to the idea of black people arming themselves for defense against them…”

(Tyler O’Neil – PJ Media) On Tuesday, Project Veritas released the third of its antifa video exposes. This undercover video exposes the armed branch of antifa who want to abolish the police and identify as the leftist movement’s “militia.”

“Redneck Revolt,” also known as the “John Brown Gun Club,” identifies itself as the “militia wing of antifa.” A Project Veritas journalist infiltrated the North Carolina chapter in 2018.

While Redneck Revolt supports gun ownership, local leaders condemned the National Rifle Association.

In the video, a Redneck Revolt leader insists, “I hate the NRA. The NRA is a white supremacist terrorist organization.”

“This particular group sees themselves as armed revolutionaries. They’re all about the working class,” the Project Veritas journalist explains. “So they share these communist, anarchist ideals that the working class should run the country with no government and they believe in total abolition of everything, including the police.”  View article →


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