Leaving the PCA….the darkness of our world has taken hold of it

I could cite many other issues of concern but the crowning blow has been the issue of homosexuality in the PCA. Over the past two years, perhaps you have followed the controversy with the Revoice Conference in St. Louis and the many overtures at our General Assembly to address the issue of what many are calling “Side B” homosexuality… The PCA has failed to discipline a PCA Teaching Elder who has publicly called himself “gay”… So the PCA now has at least one pastor who professes to be a homosexual.

(Al Baker – The Aquila Report)  My wife and I became members of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) in 1976 when we had the privilege of working on the staff of First Presbyterian Church, Macon, Georgia under the great preacher and pastor James Baird….

I was ordained in the PCA upon my graduation from Reformed Theological Seminary, Jackson, Mississippi in 1981. I have loved the PCA and considered it a wonderful privilege to serve our Lord there for well over forty years. I must now, however, leave the PCA.

This decision does not come lightly. Why am I leaving? I believe the PCA has for many years been guilty of accommodation to our culture which, in turn, has caused a series of increasingly problematic compromises with the world. My doctrinal position and fidelity to our theological standards has not changed one bit over these many years. However, that is clearly not true of the PCA as a whole. In 2000 our General Assembly allowed for several views on creation which clearly are out of accord with the Westminster Confession of Faith (WCF), our doctrinal standard. In 2002 we voted to allow “Good Faith” subscription to the WCF which has resulted in an alarming and increasing number of exceptions to our doctrinal standards by our Ruling and Teaching Elders (pastors). View article →



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Al Baker’s title is “Leaving the PCA.” CRN added “…the darkness of our world has taken hold of it”

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