Culture rape: Our forefathers condemned as immoral — by the worst lowlifes among us

“There are two yardsticks available for making moral judgments: the eternal and the ephemeral. The problem with moderns today — especially the subspecies called “leftists” — is that being moral relativists blind to Truth’s existence, they make everything relative to themselves.”

(Selwyn Duke – Renew America)  As statues again come down as our culture is further torn up, something goes unsaid and often unnoticed:

Notable Western historical figures are being condemned as immoral — by the most immoral, decadent, degenerate people among us.

The cultural revolutionaries attacking statues and what they represent, generally speaking:

  • support prenatal infanticide, which claims one million babies yearly in the U.S. and 40 to 50 million worldwide;
  • are products of our Sexual Devolution, meaning they’re what we used to call people of “easy virtue”; in fact, they’re often downright depraved;
  • are vulgar as can be, violating the biblical injunction to rid themselves “of all such things as these: anger, rage, malice, slander, and filthy language from your lips”;
  • support socialism, even though it now can be easily known that it’s a system causing death, destruction, and misery.

Moreover, consider the following list of virtues and ask yourself how many these revolutionaries embody as a group: charity, chastity, courage, diligence, kindness, faith, hope, honesty, fortitude, justice, temperance, prudence, patience, forgiveness, humility, and love. Why, could even one of them define “virtue”?  View article →


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