PCA fails to present any serious theological discussion of sexuality in the light of biblical Creation

“The Cultural Marxists have… stolen and repurposed formerly benign words like “gay” and biblical symbols like the rainbow,…while “Conservative” leaders have failed miserably at training our people to recognize the elements and assumptions of “sexual orientation” theory and how they are distinct from the truths of hard science and natural law,…shaping a new mainstream consensus on sexual matters that rejects the natural order in favor of their artificial reality….” 

(Peter Jones – truthxchange)  The Ad Interim Committee Report on Sexuality for the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America set  itself two tasks: a “pastoral task” and an “apologetic task.”

Overall we must thank the committee for its rich pastoral discussion of marriage as reflecting Christ’s love for the church; in its wise treatment of issues of terminology and identity; and in its careful analysis of the doctrine of concupiscence. In “apologetic task,” however, it fails to present any serious theological discussion of sexuality in the light of the biblical doctrine of Creation, which incidentally, was also the weakness in the Baptistic Nashville Statement on Sexuality—which I nevertheless gladly signed—centering as it did with a virtually exclusive appeal to the Gospel.

To be fair to the study committee, creation was mentioned a few times (pp. 4, 6, 26 and 27), essentially via biblical references, but, alas, without any serious exposition. Without a significant description of creational biblical apologetics there is a great danger of making this important subject for the church depend almost entirely on the logic of soteriology, which causes this deeply human question to become a very inner-focused ecclesiastical conversation in which we talk only to one another. It hardly helps us as we talk to non-believers, for surely the culture is watching us and listening to us to see if we have something crucial to say to all God’s creatures using all that God says on this important subject.    View article →



Homosexual Agenda

CRN changed the title. Peter Jones’ title: What the PCA Study Committee Did Not Study

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