The Rotten Fruit of Anti-American ‘Education’

“The United States is in the process of being fundamentally and radically transformed as socialism has made much progress. Our great grandparents once said “It could never happen in America.” But it did – and we’re now living with the consequences of surrendering the education of our children.”

(David Fiorazo) What did we expect? After decades of teaching kids in America to hate their country, take a good look around because we’re now seeing some rotten fruit of the education system. This generation of young adults generally has more disdain for America, but knows far less about actual U.S. history.

But they do know all about LGBT causes, climate change, Planned Parenthood, and Black Lives Matter. Education has become a weapon in the hands of progressives, atheists, and socialists who hijacked public schools and universities – and it’s all coming to a boiling point.

Now would be a good time to pray for God to intervene. During the recent protests, riots, and mob violence, communities have been destroyed, thousands have been injured, and many more lives have been lost forever. But these countless stories don’t fit the media narrative.  View article →


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