Woman Defeats Antifa Kids and Defends Teddy Roosevelt Statue

“It’s at this moment that we see the statue-haters in this antifa crowd for the first time. They are all young white people. One is wearing a shirt indicating he’s a student at American University in Washington, D.C.”

(Brian Preston – PJ Media)  First, the woman is simply a model of courage. Antifa has proven its tendency to leap straight to violence. She stands alone against them, unafraid to challenge them.

“You’re a domestic terrorist group and we will see to it that you fall and you fall so hard, you won’t know what hit you,” she tells them.

One of them shouts back about her “privilege,” using profanity as they always do, but the woman is unmoved.

Until one of the antifa comes at her. Then, a black man steps up and defends her.

Watch the video – profanity warning.  View article →


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