TGC And ERLC Can Stop Scamming Us. They Are ‘Revoicing’ LGBTQ Into The Church

“My friend #SamAllberry joins me to talk about the perennial question: “Is God Anti-Gay?” Many people think he is, that the Christian God has it out for gay people. But, as someone who experiences #samesexattraction and who also loves the Christian God with all his heart, Sam begs to differ. “

(Thomas Littleton – Thirty Pieces of Silver)  The Revoice LGBTQ Thriving in Historic Christian Tradition (i e conservative churches and denominations ) first came to light in Early May 2018 when The Gospel Coalitions popular gay priest Sam Allberry  and his Living Out twitter page tweeted about it while promoting his June 2018 London Conference with fellow TGC thinker and co-founder Tim Keller.

Living Out Retweeted Living Out

“And for our US followers, there is of course the  event coming up in July which we highly recommend!”

Allberry himself engaged direct responses to the Living Out tweets but quickly took down all tweets related to Revoice conference once the controversy in the US proved the Revoice event was not such an easy sell to their “US Followers” after all. Allberry and Living Out then placed distance enough between themselves and Revoice  to maintain some plausible deniability over the relationships these leaders had among TGC /PCA and Southern Baptist circles. View article →


The Homosexual Agenda


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