Study Finds a Third of Regular Churchgoers Didn’t Watch Services Online During Pandemic

(Heather Clark – Christian News)  A study recently released by the Barna Group, led by longtime evangelical pollster George Barna, found that one-third of regular churchgoers questioned said that they did not watch services online and put church completely on pause during the apex of the pandemic. The number was even higher for those who identify as Millenials.

Barna published a report on Wednesday as part of its “New Sunday Morning” series, which analyzed church involvement during the pandemic. The research was conducted between April 28 and May 11 as 500 participants were asked about their church-related habits in the past month (late March – early April onward).

Churchgoers were divided into three different groups: “practicing Christians,” or those who attend church at least once a month, if not more; “churched Christians,” or those who have attended church at least once in the past six months, and “other churched Christians,” who attend worship services in person even less.  View article →


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