Southern Baptist Echo Chamber, SBC Voices, Accuses Tom Buck of Racism and Misogyny

“The bottom line, the Southern Baptist Convention has been completely engulfed by non-thinkers like Dave Miller who would rather stay in the loop with the elites in the convention than risk losing his place in line.”

(Jeff Maples – Reformation Charlotte)  Yesterday, Reformation Charlotte along with Tom Buck, a reformed pastor and PhD graduate of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and others broke the news that another prominent Southern Baptist seminary was teaching a method of biblical interpretation, known as hermeneutics, that is incompatible with historic, orthodox Christianity….

Southeastern Seminary, under the leadership of Danny Akin, platformed an African woman named Elizabeth Mburu who essentially said that Africans are beholden to Western interpretations of Scripture and called for an “African intercultural approach to the study of the Bible.”

As Buck and many others took to Twitter to expose the serious error taking place at the institution, Danny Akin doubled down his support while refusing to condemn the erroneous method of biblical interpretation that Mburu taught. Instead, Akin insisted — as is typical of the Evangelical elites — that Buck and others were taking Mburu out of context.  View article →


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