Filthy Rich Health & Wealth Televangelist Has Died

“In 2005, Cerullo was indicted, but never convicted, for filing a fraudulent tax return. The indictment accused Cerullo of omitting “at least $290,000 in income.” After the charges were filed, Cerullo’s TV network amended its articles of incorporation and Cerullo was dropped from the board of directors. Cerullo’s son David then took control of the TV channel.”

(Trinity Foundation)  After preaching for 70 years, faith healer and televangelist Morris Cerullo has died at 88 years of age from pneumonia.

In the months before he died, Cerullo’s final project, a theme park and hotel, opened to the public. The Legacy International Center cost $190 million and featured a small replica of the Temple’s wailing wall, catacombs with large murals of Bible stories, and water fountains.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reported, “Cerullo spared no expense on the $14.5 million, 100-seat theater located in the project’s Welcome Center that will house most of the Legacy Center’s attractions, many of which were conceived with the help of cutting-edge technology.”

How does a televangelist raise $190 million? By preaching the prosperity gospel and selling older assets. The prosperity gospel is clearly profitable for the people that preach it.  View article →


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