Christian Author Matthew Paul Turner Comes Out as Gay, Announces Divorce

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Turner joins Joshua Harris in announcing that he’s homosexual. Both Turner and Harris, who have children, divorced their wives to live the gay lifestyle. Harris even marched in a gay pride parade shortly after leaving his family.  Not to be outdone, Hillsong worship leader, Marty Sampson,  renounced his faith altogether on Instagram last year. No doubt there will be more of this sort of thing happening in the visible Church in the near future.

Now to Kathryn Post’s report. She writes:

Christian author Matthew Paul Turner came out as gay via Facebook and Instagram and announced that he and his wife, fellow writer Jessica Turner, are divorcing.

Matthew Paul Turner is the former editor of CCM, a magazine covering contemporary Christian music, but he is best known for his rhyming children’s books published through Convergent, an imprint of Penguin Random House. His 2019 book “When I Pray for You” is a Today, Publisher’s Weekly and Wall Street Journal bestseller with more than 100,000 copies in print.

“(A)s someone who spent 30+ years in fundamentalist/evangelical churches, exploring God through conservative theologies, I’ve lived many days overwhelmed by fear, shame, and self-hatred,” Turner wrote in a Facebook post. “But for the first time in my life, despite the sadness and grief I’m feeling right now, I can say with confidence that I’m ready to embrace freedom, hope, and God as a gay man.”  View article →


The Homosexual Agenda 

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