Bread from Heaven

4 Then the Lord said to Moses, “Behold, I will rain bread from heaven for you; and the people shall go out and gather a day’s portion every day, that I may test them, whether or not they will walk in My instruction. Exodus 16:4 (NASB) 

Most Christians I know do not walk by faith. They may claim that they do, but when their circumstances evolve so as to put them in a corner with a clear black and white choice to trust God or play it safe, they rarely step out on faith trusting God. Instead, they choose the easy way out which is always the wrong choice because it does not lead to the blessings of God or the peace of God or into His light.

Does God still put us into “tests” as He did the Israelites during the Exodus? Sure He does. I am not one of those name-it-and-claim-it/word-faith Christians. I am not one of those who believe that if we follow certain formulas that God will shower us with riches. Instead, I believe that our circumstances can be very unpleasant and we could still be experiencing “Bread from Heaven.” We could be in the midst of terrible persecution or find ourselves in a dark room of doubt because of God allowing Satan to attack us and at the same time have the Joy of the Lord manifest in our hearts that no non-believer would ever understand. I believe that God will bless His people at times in order to test them. When we operate in the flesh we are idolatrous people. Let’s be honest. If we find ourselves in plenty isn’t this an even harder test for us than to be in want? View article →